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2020 Volume 10
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Volume 1, Issue 1, June 2011,
Page(s): 45-50
Education and research at Ohio State University
  İbrahim Ortaş (E-mail)
Faculty of Agriculture, Çukurova University, Adana, Turkey
In the last six months of 2010, I made scientific researches as a guest professor at Ohio State University. During that time, I did not only get enriched scientifically and socially, but also I had a chance to learn and examine American university systems, research policy and the developments that lead scientific success as far as I could observe. Ohio State University, which is one of the three major universities with its number of students, academic staff and facilities, has begun education as an agricultural college. But today with its 5000 faculty members, with thousands of university researchers it has become a huge university. Ohio State University is extremely a well organized and well-managed university. Ohio State University, which offers advanced scientific research and education opportunities, reached a deserved position among American universities by taking into account scientific success. In this university education and science are done almost professionally. Faculty members, who are competent and well prepared for the courses, provide course materials based on active learning method to students in web environment. It is worth to examine the way of conducting courses, giving term papers and resources provided to students are worth studying. The evaluations of academicians by students at the end of the term, leads to sustainability of the system without having any problem. The most crucial characteristic of university can be attributed to retain well scientists within it's organization. The criteria of determining academician and administrator must be open to everyone and elecetion and selection must be done directed to the aim. Scientists and administators of university must be sorted out and chosen according to their competence and productivity. Scientists have both financial and job satisfaction based on their success criteria and so they find places in universities. In this university , there are also very succesful Turkish scientists too. There is not any concept of extra course in American Universities. The time devoted lecturing, research and publication activities has been determined just at the begining of job recruitment, some changes or modifications can be done based on any requirement as time passes. There is a considerable competition among academicians in American Universities. The system works properly without considering the people's colour, language, world view and nationality. However this competition is not for a specific status or a position, but it is totally for improving scientific productivity and for a superior success. From time to time, this competition can be offending and compulsive. In American Universities the fee of education is high, so the chance of poor people for having education has been diminishing. The support and demand for projects from private sectors, especially medicine and armament industries is not accord with the apprehension of university from time to time and the anxiety that it creates is understood from the informations which are covered in media.
Keywords: Acceptance of students and recruitment of faculty members, administrators' evaluation methods, management of American universities, Ohio State University.
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