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Recep Öztürk
Salih Murat Akkın
Süphan Nasır

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Harun Serpil
Yiğit Yurder
2020 Volume 10
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Volume 1, Issue 2, December 2011,
Page(s): 61-64
Undergraduate admission examination, career orientation, and their impact on labor market: are we beating the air?
  Recai Erdem (E-mail)
Department of Physics, Faculty of Science, İzmir Institute of Technology, İzmir, Turkey
This paper consists of some observations and concerns of a physics faculty member on the present system of the career orientation of the students admitted to undergraduate programs, especially on the number and the quality of students admitted to science programs in Turkey. This study intends to initiate a brainstorm on these problems, and to emphasize the need for detailed and comprehensive studies on these points. In this context, first, the lack of statistical data and studies on this subject is brought into attention of readers. Besides, the importance of a healthy career orientation and college admission system for an efficient and effective use of brainpower of Turkey is emphasized. In this connection, especially with an eye to find a solution, the problems that are caused by the current admission quotas and career orientation system are pointed out. To state in more concrete terms: the contradiction between the enormous number of physics graduates far beyond the number of available jobs on one hand and the lack of undergraduates with enough disposition to basic sciences on the other hand (while too many students interested in scientific research in some other fields of study, such as medicine and engineering) is pointed out. Some propositions towards the solutions of these problems have been suggested to contribute initiation of a brainstorm in this direction.
Keywords: Higher education, higher education graduates labour statistics, higher education student admission quotas.
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