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2019 Volume 9
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Volume 1, Issue 2, December 2011,
Page(s): 88-94
  Literature Review  
The Idea of the University in the Twenty-First Century: Where's the Imagination?*
  Ronald Barnett (E-mail)
Institute of Education, University of London, UK
*This paper was presented as a keynote speech at the International Higher Education Congress: New Trends and Issues, May 27-29, 2011, Istanbul, Turkey.
The concept of the university in the twenty-first century is hopelessly impoverished. It is "impoverished" in the limited range of ideas that have come to be associated with the university. Characteristically, the ideas currently in circulation confine themselves to extending and endorsing contemporary emerging forms of the university. It is also "hopelessly impoverished" in that the idea of the university is largely now without hope. Where it seriously engages with contemporary institutional forms assumed by universities, thinking and debate about the university can sometimes adopt critical tones but takes on a shrugging-of-the-shoulders attitude, a sense that there is no alternative. Ideas about the university have closed in, therefore. This closure is largely self-imposed. A necessary condition of an opening of ideas of the university is a recovery of the imagination. Through the creative use of the imagination, feasible utopias can be gleaned. However, such utopias, even if feasible, are not in themselves a sufficient condition of the formation of credible ideas. Such legitimation can be derived from subjecting creative ideas of the university to criteria of adequacy: five criteria of adequacy are identified, which can be seen to act as discriminators, sorting efficacious ideas of the university from non-efficacious ideas. One idea, that of the ecological university, is tested against the five criteria and can be seen in turn to gain intellectual and practical warrant. It is further argued that the five criteria of adequacy will not unduly eliminate creative ideas but rather can act to help in the generation of additional ideas of the university.
Keywords: Ecology, ideology, imagination, university, utopia, vision.
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