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Recep Öztürk
Salih Murat Akkın
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2021 Volume 11
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Volume 2, Issue 3, December 2012,
Page(s): 167-178
Case Study
Received: July 26, 2012; Accepted: November 21, 2012; Published online: February 23, 2012
doi:10.2399/yod.12.024; Copyright © 2012, Deomed
Development of strategic management perspective in the context of transforming values in higher education: a comparative study on “Selçuk University Strategic Road Map Determination” case
Hakkı Gökbel1, Hasan Kürşat Güleş2, Tahir Akgemci3, Ömür Hakan Kuzu 4 (E-mail)
1Rector, 2Adviser to the Rector, 3Vice Rector, 4Beyşehir Ali Akkanat School of Tourism and Hotel Management, Selçuk University, Konya
In this study, strategic management and strategic planning process of the universities, in the context of higher education values transformation, have been studied as conceptually and historically. The phenomena for the structures compatible with the requirements of the knowledge era and globalization have been analyzed. To this end, the current strategic plans of the three major state universities in Turkey are discussed in comparison with "Search Conference" outcomes of Selçuk University in "2012 Strategic Road Map Detection Studies" process. As a result of comparison, strengths and weaknesses of universities with the perceptions of threats and opportunities are summarized in prominent spots. In the comparative case study, it is determined that the universities have similar opportunity perceptions about interdisciplinary studies, strategic partnerships and alliances for the sustainability of competition, the increasing importance of the research activities and graduate education, co-operation with stakeholders and internationalization in order to identify the priorities and strategic policy in a parallel manner to a new trends in the country and world. Threat perceptions about lack of teaching staff, and financial resources, lack of dependence on foreign technology used to research are evaluated as the overlap perceptions of between subjects. The study finds that although the universities see themselves adequacy about long-established history of universities, academic staff and physical infrastructure, see their location as a weak point about number of students, consultancy services, foreign language deficiency, non- internationalization of patent and projects, co-operation stakeholders and the community and institutional culture. In this context, the overplus of vision, strategic goals and objectives for internationalization is primarily pointed for being "world-class universities". As a result a recommendation has been developed as completing of quality assurance system activities on internationalization centered teaching, research, public service and co-operation and setting up a unique “Strategic Steering Committee” which is suitable with the dynamics of the university and the environment in which, as for prerequisite of vision, mission, and target-based strategic planning and management.
Keywords: Higher education, search conference, strategic management.
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