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Yunus Söylet

Recep Öztürk
Salih Murat Akkın
Süphan Nasır

Associate Editors
Burak Önal
Harun Serpil
Yiğit Yurder
2019 Volume 9
  Submission Checklist
  Sending Manuscripts
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  Submission Checklist

The following list will be useful during the final check of a manuscript before submisson:

1- The length of manuscript (maximum 25 pages)
2- General style (double space; Times New Roman with 11 font size; single space after punctuation marks except apostrophe)
3- Title page (author and affiliation names; running heading; correspondence)
4- Abstracts (minimum 150, maximum 250 words)
5- Keywords (at least 3 words)
6- Main text (subtitles)
7- References (compliance to APA criteria)
8- Figures and tables (numbering; legends; originality/permissions)
9- Appendixes (numbering by Roman numbers and description legends)
10- Cover letter (corresponding author)
11- Visual materials (figures, drawings etc.) permission note (if published before)

  Sending Manuscripts

Our online manuscript submisson and tracking system will be active soon. Until it is activated, manuscripts prepared in compliance with the instructions given above should be sent to the address below with a cover letter by post or e-mail.

Prof. Dr. Süphan Nasır
İstanbul Üniversitesi İktisat Fakültesi İşletme Bölümü
Beyazıt 34452, İstanbul
Tel: (+90) 0212 440 00 00 /11782 or 11776
e-mail: Please click the link.

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